Australia has another kind of animal besides kangaroo, that is wombat. While kangaroo and wombat physically dissimilar, they both share the common marsupial feature of having a pouch. The pouch of wombat is, perhaps strangely, backward facing.

This is evolutionary benefit to the wombat’s natural behaviour though, as wombats use their rodent like front teeth and powerful claws to burrow, and their backwards pouches prevent their offspring from getting covered in dirt.

Though these stubby creatures may appear cute, they commonly become increasingly aggressive as they reach adulthood. The wombat is, however, still cuddly  enough to have its own day, which is celebrated every October 22.


Based on the text, we may conclude that wombat ...

  1. can make a hole

  2. is an animal like kangaroo

  3. is a big and strange animal

  4. is kangaroo evolutionary

  5. is always a dangerous animal

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Berdasarkan kalimat “Wombats use their rodent like front teeth and powerful claws to burrow” yang terdapat pada paragraf ke-2, dapat diketahui bahwa wombat memiliki gigi depan seperti hewan pengerat dan cakar yang kuat untuk menggali lubang (burrow) sehingga pilihan jawaban (A) adalah yang paling tepat.


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The passage is about the ____ of birds.



Jawaban terverifikasi


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