Answer the following questions.   What is 'ICW...

Answer the following questions.

What is 'ICW'? What is its function?

What does 'KPK' stand for?

How do you say 'KPK' in English?

What do you think of the slogan 'KPK, you are not alone'?

What is the function of KPK?

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ICW stands for Indonesia Corruption Watch. It aims to monitor and expose corruption cases involving public officials.

KPK stands for Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi.

In English, 'KPK' means 'ICW'.

The KPK slogan, "you are not alone", indicates that Indonesian people mostly support KPK in their attempt to eradicate corruption.

The function of KPK is to free Indonesia from corruption by investigating and prosecuting corruption cases.undefined 





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