Answer the following questions based on the text in Activity 9, orally.

    Good afternoon, everyone. This is 101.1 FM Coffee Break with your host, Naya Indriani, bringing you the newest updates of our nation. Without wasting any more time, let's start with our news.

    Finally, after waiting for a quite long time, the new Jakarta MRT or Mass Rapid Transit has operated. Jakarta has begun the commercial operation of its first metro line, with many hoping it will ease the notorious traffic in our capital. The new line is the first phase of a larger MRT project, covering a 16km route so far. It follows two weeks of a trial run where people could use the trains for free.

    Hopefully, this can cover other public transport initiatives' failure to ease traffic, as most people still use private vehicles.

    The new MRT is a significant step for Indonesia's capital where there have been discussions about an underground metro dating back to 1985. The second phase is expected to be completed in 2024 with additional extensions planned for later.

    As we know, before the launch of the MRT, Jakarta already had public transport systems in operation, such as the TransJakarta bus rapid transit and a commuter train. However, those mass transport systems have failed to become the first option for Jakarta residents. Only 20% of Jakarta's population use public transportation for their daily commute.

    According to director of Jakarta's new MRT, shifting people from private cars to the MRT will be a real challenge. He also urges the Jakarta metropolitan government to issue several regulations that will force residents to leave their cars and motorbikes at home. In other words, Jakarta's metro cannot be the only solution to the heavy traffic problems. Parking tariffs and car sales tax should be increased, and there should be a toll road system.

    I personally welcome the new MRT system. What are your opinions about them? Is it beneficial or will it add more problems to Jakarta? Leave your comments on twitter @101.1 FMCoffeeBreak. Thank you.

(Adopted from:·reporting-story (April 6, 2019))

In your opinion, why do most Jakarta's residents not use public transport?undefined 

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Pertanyaan di atas bermaksud untuk menanyakan pendapat kita tentang alasan mengapa banyak penduduk Jakarta tidak menggunakan alat transportasi umum. Di paragraf ketiga dijelaskan "Hopefully, this can cover other public transport initiatives' failure to ease traffic, as most people still use private vehicles". (Hal ini diharapkan dapat menutupi kegagalan angkutan umum lainnya untuk meringankan lalu lintas, karena sebagian besar penduduk masih menggunakan kendaraan pribadi.)  

Dari kalimat tersebut kita mengetahui bahwa banyak penduduk Jakarta yang masih menggunakan kendaraan pribadi. Serta kita bisa tambahkan pendapat kita bahwa mereka memilih menggunakan kendaraan pribadi karena kurangnya armada angkutan umum tersebut sehingga harus berdesak-desakan di dalamnya.

So, the best answer is "In my opinion most Jakarta's residents do not use public transport because they still use their private vehicles which is a result of the lack of available public transport that makes them jostle in it".



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