A month ago after finishing all my homework, I wan...

                A month ago after finishing all my homework, I wanted to relax. While I was walking on the beach on a warm evening, I saw two small children playing with the sand. They found something. It was big, reddish-brown, and made of metal. When I looked at it, I knew immediately that it was an old bomb.

                First, I told the children to move away from the bomb. Fortunately, I had my mobile phone with me, so I called the police and told them what we had found. Fifteen minutes later, the police arrived and I explained everything to them. Then I went home again.

                The next day, I read in the newspaper that the police had blown up the bomb. It was highly explosive. It had been in the sand on the beach for over sixty years. It was from the Second World War, and it was very dangerous.

Why was the bomb dangerous?

  1. It was big and made of metal

  2. It had a high explosive power

  3. It had been blown by the police

  4. It was in the sand for over sixty years


Berdasarkan kalimat “It was highly explosive”, dapat diketahui bahwa bom tersebut sangat eksplosif, sehingga pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (B) ‘It had a high explosive power’ atau ‘bom itu memiliki daya ledak yang tinggi’




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