A long time ago, a very rich family lived in Bali....

A long time ago, a very rich family lived in Bali. The father, Sidi Mantra, was very famous for his supernatural power. He lived happily with his wife and their only child, Manik Angkeran. Manik Angkeran liked gambling a lot. His parents became poor because of this. They told Manik Angkeran to stop gambling, but he never listened. Instead, he begging for more money to his parents. Finally, Sidi Mantra decided to go to Mount Agung where a mighty dragon lived. It could provide jewelry to the people who say the mantra and ring the bell. Sidi Mantra had the bell and knew the mantra. In front of the dragon, he said, “My name is Sidi Mantra. I have a problem. My son likes gambling and made me poor.” After he said the mantra and rang the bell, jewelry came out from the dragon’s body. He was very happy and brought the jewelry home.

Manik Angkeran heard that his father got some jewels from a dragon that live in Mount Agung. So he stole his father’s bell and went there. When he arrived at mount Agung, Manik Angkeran rang the bell. The dragon knew him. It gave him some jewels. Suddenly he had a bad idea. He wanted to kill the dragon and stole all its jewelry. The dragon knew his plan and it killed Manik Angkeran. Sidi Mantra was very sad. He asked the dragon to bring his son back to life. The dragon agreed, with one condition, they had to live in a separated place. When Manik Angkeran came alive, Sidi Mantra drew a line between them on the ground. From the line, water flowed out. Soon it became a river. Finally, it became a strait and separated Java from Bali. Today people called it Bali Strait.

  1. Manik Angkeran wanted to kill the dragon and stole the jewels.

  2. Sidi Mantra wanted Manik Angkeran to stop gambling.

  3. Sidi Mantra gave Manik Angkeran all the jewels.

  4. Manik Angkeran became poor.


Ide pokok pada paragraf kedua adalah Manik Angkeran ingin membunuh sang naga dan mencuri perhiasannya seperti yang ada pada jawaban A. Hal ini bisa dilihat pada baris ke-4, "He wanted to kill the dragon and stole all its jewelry.".




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