On a summer day, the weather was very hot and ever...

On a summer day, the weather was very hot and everybody was thirsty. A lion and a pig came at the same moments to small well to drink. They were arguing which of them should drink first, and were soon fighting furiously.

When they rested from their fighting, they saw some vultures in the distance. The birds were waiting for one of them to die so they could eat. The vultures were looking and anticipating eagerly. They were more than five vultures ready to grab any victims from the fight.

Realizing the situation, the lion and the pig soon decided to stop the fighting and made up. They didn't even continue the quarrel and arguments "Look at those vultures. They can't wait to eat our bodies once we die. Let's just stop fighting" said the lion to the pig.

"You're right. It's better for us to be friends than to be the food of those vultures. That will certainly happen if we get hurt of die" replied the pig.


Why did the animal stop the fighting and make up?

  1. They were thirsty

  2. They realized the situation

  3. They looked at the victims

  4. They wanted to take a rest


Kedua binatang tersebut berhenti berkelahi dan menyusun rencana karena mereka sadar akan situasi yang ada. Hal ini terdapat pada paragraf ketiga kalimat pertama, Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat.




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