4. What are language features that are used in the text? Mention it!


Read the following text and answer the questions!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones.

    Everything has been being changed by technology. Mobile phones and Internet have the great role in making advantages as well as disadvantages. The debate appears when the devices are used by students.

    The most advantageous thing of mobile phones when students use is getting connected. With cell phones in hand, students are encouraged to build collaborative learning. They are able to share notes and lesson with others. Additionally with mobile phones, parents of the students will be less worried since they can easily contact their children.

    The second advantages is the existence of mobile phone's feature as memory aids. Students can store some important documents of their lessons in notes, photos, or videos. Because of the portability, the documents kept in that mobile phones can be easily used when they are in necessity.

    Besides some advantages stated above, mobile phones also give some disadvantages when used by students. Reduction in learning is one of the disadvantages. With mobile phone in hands of students, they are attracted to focus on their phones call and messages and pay less attention to their lessons and school works.

    Again, the negative effects on using mobile phones, students potentially do cheating. Mobile phones makes students cheat easily on tests and assignments. They can simply send a text answer to their friends. They have the ability and opportunity to cheat.

   Finally, the disadvantages actually can be avoided if the parents properly guide their children on the advantageous way of using mobile phones.

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4. What are language features that are used in the text? Mention it!

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


Terjemahan soal yaitu, "Apa saja ciri kebahasaan dari teks tersebut? Sebutkan!".

Language features (ciri kebahasaan) dari Discussion Text tersebut adalah:

1. Simple Present Tense

Penggunaan V1 seperti pada kata: have, appears, are encouraged, is, are, give.

2. Using Modals

Modals yang terdapat dalam teks tersebut adalah can.

3. Using additive, contrastive, and casual connection

Menggunakan kata-kata penghubung, seperti pada teks tersebut yaitu Additionally, Besides, Finally.

Jadi jawabannya adalah:

Language features of the text:

  1. Simple Present Tense: have, appears, are encouraged, is, are, give.
  2. Modals: will, can.
  3. Transition words: Additionally, Besides, Finally.





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2. Mention the arguments for and the arguments against in the text!



Jawaban terverifikasi


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