Yogyakarta is the royal capital of DIY. It is a ce...

Yogyakarta is the royal capital of DIY. It is a centre of fine arts and tradition Indonesian culture. The puppets made from leather are available in the souvenirs shops. It is also for silversmithing and batik industry.

Solo and Pekalongan are also famous for “kain batik”. Most kain is decorated with beautiful colored designs, which are drawn of hand stamped on the cloths as part of the batik dying process. The batik designs are one of Indonesia's most famous handicrafts
and have often been limited by western textile designer. The batik designs of Solo are different from those of Pekalongan, and the "kain batik" of Pekalongan is very colorful

Bamboo and rattan are used to make wicker chairs and other furniture. Cirebon is famous for its rattan Industry. Bamboo and “mendong” are also used to make baskets, fans, mats,
etc. Tasikmalaya its famous for this kind of industry.

Bandung, one of the most modern Indonesian cities, is a popular resort town. Some people in Cibaduyut, in the Southern Bandung, make shoes for domestic markets and for export. Making shoes is a home industry. Puppets made of wood and cloth are also available in the souvenir shops.

In fact there are still many other local handicrafts found in other parts of Indonesia


“...which are drawn of hand stamped on the cloth …” (Paragraph 2).

The underlined word is closest in meaning to ...

  1. imprinted

  2. coloured

  3. washed

  4. designed

  5. drawn


Konteks kata ‘stamped’ dalam kalimat 'which are drawn of hand stamped on the cloths' di atas merujuk pada cara pembuatan batik di mana ada lukisan/gambar yang ‘dilukis’ di atas kain sehingga pilihan jawaban (A) adalah yang paling tepat. Pilihan jawaban (B) salah karena artinya ‘diwarnai’, (C) salah karena artinya ‘dicuci’, (D) salah karena artinya ‘didesain’, dan (E) salah karena artinya ‘digambar’.




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