Why does the writer create the procedure?


Read this text below!

1. Connect the scanner to your PC. Most scanners connect via a USB cable;

2. Place the material to be scanned into the scanner, just as though you were using a photocopier.

3. Press the scan button on the scanner, which is the button to acquire a digital image. Or, if the scanner lacks of button, run the scanner software in Windows which acquires a digital image.

4. Preview the scan. The scanner's software should display a preview on your computer's screen.

5. Select the scan area in the scanner software. Use a zoom or magnification tool to ensure that you select the proper portion of the scanner glass.

6. Scan the image. The software should have a button that you need to click to scan image.

7. Save the image to disk. An alternative to saving the image to disk is to open the image in a photo or image-editing application, where the image can be further refined or edited.

Why does the writer create the procedure?

  1. To announce the new scanner product.

  2. To instruct the way to open a scanner.

  3. To advertise a new scanner to the реople.

  4. To explain how to use the image display.

  5. To tell the readers how to operate a scanner.

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jawaban yang benar adalah E.


Kalimat "Why does the writer create the procedure?" berarti "Mengapa penulis membuat tata cara di atas?", dengan kata lain apa tujuan dari teks (purpose of text) tersebut?

Teks di atas adalah jenis procedure text yang membahas tentang tata cara menggunakan scanner (how to operate a scanner), maka tujuannya adalah menginformasikan kepada pembaca bagaimana cara menggunakan scanner. 

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah E.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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