Why does the lion hunt day end?


Read the text and answer the following question.

    One day an old lion realized that he was too tired and too weak to look for food because of age. Unfortunately, he approached his nest and knew that he would die soon. He stopped at the entrance, panted, and spoke in a low, gentle voice to the group of wolves that walked through the nest at that moment. He told them about his poor condition.

    Soon news of lion's disease spread in the forest and caused great concern for other wild animals. The animals feel sorry for paying their last respects. The old lion was very happy. When every animal enters a nest and it's within reach, the lion overturns it and makes it feed. The lion soon became fat.

    The fox came very early in the morning. He also came to pay his respects. The fox, famous for its intelligence and intelligence, approached the lion's lair very carefully. Standing some distance away, he politely asked about the health of the lion and asked if he felt better.

    My friend," said the lion, "you? I can hardly see you. You are very far away. Please come closer and whisper a few words in my ear to cheer me up because I haven't lived long.

    Meanwhile, the fox watched the floor in front of the lion's room. In the welding he looked up and left. He said, "Sorry if I didn't stay because I felt very uncomfortable seeing a lot of footprints that lead to your workplace, but no one left them."

Why does the lion hunt day end?

  1. Animals know about lion disease

  2. There are no more animals to hunt

  3. Wolves always defeat lions

  4. Lions grow older and weaker

  5. The lion is too strong

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah D.


Pertanyaan pada soal diterjemahkan menjadi "Mengapa hari berburu singa berakhir?".

Jawaban untuk pertanyaan tersebut dapat kita temukan pada kalimat "One day an old lion realized that he was too tired and too weak to look for food because of age" yang artinya "Suatu hari seekor singa tua menyadari bahwa dia terlalu lelah dan terlalu lemah untuk mencari makan karena usia".

Singa mencari makan dengan cara berburu. Namun, berdasarkan pernyataan di atas kita ketahui bahwa singa sudah tua sehingga terlalu lelah dan lemah untuk mencari makan. Dengan demikian, alasan singa berhenti berburu tersebut sesuai dengan pilihan jawaban "Lions grow older and weaker" (Singa bertambah tua dan lemah).

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah D.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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