Read the text and answer questions 32 to 34

Dear Nayla

    I’m writing to you concerning of my last day in Yogya. I just got back from Borobudur, the most wonderful temple I’ve ever seen. The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It’s not far from Malioboro. We are treated well here. It was many excellent staffs who serve the customers. We plan to go around Malioboro after the children take a short nap. We want to enjoy having “lesehan” there. It is a kind of a restaurant but we sit on the ground.

    Many kind of local handicraft are sold along Malioboro Street. Both domestic and foreign tourists are interested in them. I want to buy some souvenirs. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you the most interesting one.

    Your friend


Who wrote the letter?

  1. Customers

  2. Nayla

  3. The hotel staff

  4. Thony

A. Acfreelance

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah D. 


Pertanyaan di atas menanyakan "siapa yang menulis surat tersebut." Penulis surat pribadi atau informal seperti di atas biasa ditemukan di bagian bawah atau akhir kalimat. Pada teks di atas, terdapat kata "your friend, Thony" yang merupakan penulis surat tersebut.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah D. 


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Pertanyaan serupa

With whom did the writer and her family go to Phi Phi Le island?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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