Who is Rudra?


129, Navyug Apartments
March 01st, 2021

Dear Rudra,
    It's been a while since I've heard from you. Where have you been? I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health.

    As summers are approaching, I was thinking if we could spend the summer break together at my place in Mumbai. I will introduce you to all my friends and close relatives. I will give you a city tour as well. We will spend some quality time in the afternoon near the sea shore. To add cherry on the cake, the weather here is very pleasant during those days due to sea winds.

    I am excited even at the thought of you and I spending the summer together after so long. I have to tell you a lot of things and expect the same from you. Give my regards to aunty and uncle! Hope to see you soon.

Yours lovingly,

Who is Rudra?

  1. His uncle

  2. His nephew

  3. His friend

  4. His relative

  5. His neighbor

N. Hariri

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Negeri Malang

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jawaban yang benar adalah D.


Soal ini menanyakan "Siapakah Rudra?". Menurut surat pribadi di atas, terdapar kalimat yang menyatakan "Give my regards to aunty and uncle!" pada paragraf 3 kalimat 3. Kalimat tersebut memiliki arti "Berikan salamku kepada bibi dan paman!". "Bibi" dan "paman" pada kalimat ini merujuk kepada kedua orangtua Rudra, yang memberikan makna bahwa Sakshi, si pengirim surat, adalah saudara dari Rudra ("his relative").

Jadi jawaban yang benar adalah D.


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