Who disagreed with the idea of the princess' marriage?


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The Legend of Baturaden

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom in Central Java. The king of the kingdom was very kind and gentle. He had a beautiful daughter who he loved so much. The kings also had great horses that he even asked a servant, name Suta to take care of them intensively.
Suta was a good servant, he did a great duty for king's horses and the king appreciated his great duty. His duty was to look after king's horses, give them food, clean the horses and their mews. Suta liked to take a walk after doing his chores to relax for a while.
One day, when Suta was walking near a lake after doing his chores, he heard a woman screaming. So Suta hurried to find the source of the scream. Finally, he found a girl there, who later figured out as king's daughter. He saw the king's daughter in danger. There was a giant snake about to attack her.
Suta was afraid, but he also worried about the princess. He took a big stick and hit the snake on its head. The snake was fallen down in pain and finally died.
"Thank you, Suta. You've saved my life," said the princess.
"No needed for that, princess. It's my duty as your father's servant to help you," Suta replied.
"Would you be my friend, Suta? Because I don't have any friend," the princess asked.
"Of course, my princess. I will be your friend and always take care of you," Suta answered.
Since that day, Suta and the princess became good friends. They even fell in love each other. So the princess told Suta to go to her father and asked his permission to marry her. But the king had already heard about their plan. The king was furious to hear about that, so he sked the princess to meet him.
"My lovely daughter, I have already known about your plan. Suta is just a servant while you are my daughter, the princess. It is unacceptable for you to marry a servant," said the king.
"But I love him, and he also love me. You know he is the one who helps me out there," the princess said.
"No, you will not marry him. I will not allow that things happen," the king said.
The princess was sad to hear her father's answer, especially after her father put Suta in jail for having the nerve to ask the princess to marry him. In jail, Suta was not given anything to eat or drink.
Hearing about that, the princess made a plan to break Suta out of jail. They succeeded and ran far away from the kingdom. They rested near the river. There, they got married and started a family.
The place where Suta and the princess raised their family was called Baturraden. Batur means servant while Raden means noble. Nowadays, Baturaden is a very interesting tourist destination. It's located at the foothill of Mount Slamet in Purwokerto, Central Java

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Who disagreed with the idea of the princess' marriage?

  1. The prince.

  2. The heirs.

  3. The king.

  4. The queen.

  5. The servant.

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jawaban yang benar adalah C.


Soal di atas menanyakan siapa yang tidak setuju dengan pernikahan sang putri (Who disagreed with the idea of the princess' marriage?

Soal di atas adalah jenis soal stated detail question yaitu soal yang menanyakan informasi yang terdapat pada wacana. Dari wacana tersebut dapat diketahui bahwa orang yang tidak setuju dengan pernikahan sang putri adalah sang raja atau the king seperti yang ditunjukan dalam kalimat "No, you will not marry him. I will not allow that things happen," the king said.

Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa the king atau sang raja adalah jawaban yang tepat.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah C.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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