Where is the legend from? It is from ....


    Dayang Sumbi was exiled in the jungle, because she was unmarried but pregnant. She gave a birth to a baby boy and named him Sangkuriang.

    One day he went hunting with his dog, si Tumang. In the bush he saw a pig, Wayungyang. He wanted to shoot Wayungyang but si Tumang hindered him. He was angry at it and killed it, and then took its heart home. When he told that it was si Tumang's heart, she was very angry and hit Sang Kuriang's head with a spoon. And he ran away and left his mother to the east. He did not know himself and forgot his name. He was about 16 years of age.

    After a long time, Sang Kuriang came back to the jungle where his mother lived. She looked younger than her age, so Sang Kuriang fell in love with her. “Will you marry me?" one day he asked her. But Dayang Sumbi refused because she recognized that he was her son. He insisted to marry her and Dayang Sumbi asked two marriage settlements. One, he had to dammed Citarum river, and two, had to make a boat in one night Sang Kuriang almost finished his work but Dayang Sumbi cheated him. He was angry and kicked the boat. The boat fell upside down on the peak of mountain. It was known Tangkuban Perahu, at the northern of Bandung, West Java.

Where is the legend from? It is from ....

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah Bandung, West Java.


Jawaban dari pertanyaan di atas dapat ditemukan di kalimat terakhir paragraf terakhir yang berbunyi "It was known Tangkuban Perahu, at the northern of Bandung, West Java.Apabila diterjemahkan, kalimat tersebut berbunyi "Perahu tersebut dikenal sebagai Tangkuban Perahu yang berada di utara Bandung, Jawa Barat."

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah Bandung, West Java.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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