Where is Losari beach located?


     Losari beach is a beautiful beach and located on the edge city of Makassar. It is located only about 3 km from the center of Makassar (Karebosi Park). The beach used to be the longest café in Asia, because many cafes stand in along the beach, but now the cafes are collected in a special place so it does not spread along the coast. Charm of the beach is mainly seen in the evening when the sunset stands out. This is a major attraction of people’s coming to the Losari beach.

    Every evening hundreds of people come to witness the panorama of red as the sun will disappear into the ocean, so do not miss the sunset at the Losari beach. If the sky is sunny, the scenery is absolutely perfect. Because of its location in a bay, the water of Losari is even often quiet as usual pool water.

    Losari is its waterfront of Makassar. The lengthy of the beach is approximately one kilometer and it is a public space that can be accessed by anyone. On this beach there is a park called the Pelataran Bahari (Marine Park), with semicircular area of nearly one hectare. This place is a plaza with a clean floor for children to play and running around, while parents and teens sit on concrete benches to enjoy the sea breeze. From this place, you are also free to view out to the sea and watch the sunset slowly turns reddish in the line of the horizon. The reflected light also creates sheen on the surface of sea water.

    The Pelataran Bahari also serves as the stadium of open water to watch the coastal waters in front of Losari beach. This coastal water is often used as a racecourse jet ski, boat races and traditional boat jolloro katinting, or become a transit point of rely of Sandeq traditional sailboats and yachts.

    In Losari there are also a few hotels. Some of them qualified as a tree stars hotel. The hotel is offering panoramic beauty of the sea with luxury service treats. There are Losari Beach Hotel, Losari Beach Inn, Makassar Golden Hotel, and Pantai Gapura Hotel. All of the hotels located in Jalan Penghibur.

Where is Losari beach located?

  1. Somewhere at Makassar City.

  2. Locate at Jalan Penghibur.

  3. Near Makassar City.

  4. Far away from Losari Beach Inn.

  5. Located only about 3 km from the center of Makassar (Karebosi Park).

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Kalimat "Where is Losari beach located?" bermakna Dimanakah letak Pantai Losari?

Berdasarkan wacana di atas dapat kita ketahui bahwa Pantai Losari terletak hanya 3 km dari pusat Kota Makasar (Taman Karebosi) atau Located only about 3 km from the center of Makassar (Karebosi Park) sebagaimana disebutkan dalam kalimat "It is located only about 3 km from the center of Makassar (Karebosi Park)."

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