To: Motor Pool Users

From: Hafid B, Director

Date: February 27

Subject: Motor Pool Checkout Card

Company policy states that everyone who uses a company vehicle must have a valid motor pool checkout (MPC) card. All MPC card expire April 30. Current card holder should apply for renewal by March 31. New cards will be approved only for employee drivers fulfilling the requirements below.

  1. Vehicles are lent ONLY to carry out company business.
  2. All drivers must be in complience with all current motor vehicles laws.
  3. All drivers must complete an eight-hour National Safety Council (NSC) devensive driving course before an MPC card will be issued

Please fax MPC card requests to Mark Fernandez (114922384). Include you driver's license number and expiration date, a ceritified copy of your driving record (obtainable from the Central Police Station), and a copy of NSC defensife driving certificate. To enroll in the defensive driving course (next session, March 20), phone Jennifer Latourche (ext. 2525) 

When does the next driving course start?

  1. February 27

  2. March 15

  3. March 20

  4. March 31

  5. April 30

N. Hariri

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Negeri Malang

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