What was the outcome of the battle in Batavia?


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Sultan Agung

    Sultan Agung (Mataram Sultanate, 1593-1645), was the 3rd Sultan of Mataram (now Yogyakarta). Under his reign, Mataram became the biggest kingdom in Java and Nusantara at the time.

    He was mostly known for attacking Batavia as a result of hostility between Mataram and VOC (Dutch Trading Company) in Batavia. In 1614, VOC sent an ambassador to ask Sultan Agung to collaborate, but the Sultan refused.

    In 1619, VOC succeeded in overpowering Jayakarta and change its name to Batavia. Sultan Agung was thinking about taking advantages of VOC in rivalry towards Banten and Surabaya. So, in 1621, Mataram began to build relations with VOC. Both parties sent ambassadors, but VOC refused to help when Mataram wanted to attack Surabaya. This made the diplomatic relation end.

    To attack Banten, Mataram had to overpower Batavia. In April 1628, Mataram sent an ambassador to Batavia to convey peace offers, with some conditions from Mataram. VOC refused the offers, so Sultan Agung announced war.

    On August 27, 1628, Mataram troops arrived in Batavia. A big battle took place in Holandia fortress, but Mataram troops were defeated because they lacked of ammunitions. In May 1629, Mataram troops attacked Batavia again, but were defeated again by VOC. Although Mataram troops were defeated, they were succeed to dam up Ciliwung River and made the water dirty, resulting in cholera plague in Batavia. General Governor of VOC, JP Coen, died because of cholera.

    Prior to his death, Sultan Agung commanded to build a mausoleum in Imogiri, where all the Sultans of Mataram would be burried.

Adopted from: https://factsofindonesia.com/indonesian-heroes (July 27, 2019)

What was the outcome of the battle in Batavia?

  1. Both sides lost their leaders.

  2. Both sides suffered a great lost.

  3. Mataram troops emerged victorious.

  4. Batavia managed to minimize their causalities.

  5. Mataram troops established their base around Ciliwung River.

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Jawaban pertanyaan tersebut dapat ditemukan di paragraf kelima yaitu bahwa Mataram mengalami kekalahan di kedua perang tersebut sementara VOC kehilangan JP Coen, Gubernur Jenderal VOC akibat kolera.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah B.


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