Read the following text and answer the questions.

    Last holiday I went to Drini Beach with my family. The beach is located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. We set off from home at 8.30 AM. The trip took one and a half hours.

    At the parking lot, I could not wait to step on white sand. I was so excited. When we arrived at the beach, there were not many visitors. The tide was still high when we got to the beach. First, we looked for a shelter. It was in front of a small food vendor. The vendor provided canoes and small nets to rent.

    My mother ordered a coconut drink. My father relaxed in the gazebo. My brother and I changed into more comfortable clothes. We rented a canoe and played in the water. It was fun. About an hour later, the water receded so we could not canoe in the shallow water. So, we returned the canoe and rented two small nets for catching fish. We went near rocks and dead corals. We could see fish hiding. We eagerly tried to catch them.

    Actually, this beach's main attraction is a small island just off the beach. It is called Drini Island. The tiny island is accessible during low tide. We surely did not want to miss the island. My family climbed up to the island during low tide. At the top of the island, we saw beautiful views. I took many pictures of the scenery and our selfie pictures, of course.

    After that my brother and I took a bath. In the meantime, my mother was preparing our picnic lunch. Before going home, we had lunch at the beach. It was so much fun. I really like going to the beach.

What tense is mostly used in the text? Why?

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah "The text mostly uses Simple Past Tense because it retells writer's past experience."


Jawaban dari soal ini adalah "The text mostly uses Simple Past Tense because it retells writer's past experience."

Soal menanyakan tentang tense apa yang banyak digunakan pada teks yang tersedia dan mengapa tense tersebut digunakan.

Untuk menjawab soal tersebut, hal yang dilakukan adalah membaca dan mengamati teks yang tersedia.

Pada teks tersebut, terdapat beberapa tenses yang digunakan yaitu Simple Present Tense dan Simple Past Tense. Namun, tense yang paling banyak digunakan adalah Simple Past Tense karena teks tersebut merupakan recount text yang bertujuan untuk menceritakan pengalaman di masa lalu. Simple Present Tense pada teks tersebut digunakan untuk menceritakan hal-hal yang bersifat umum dan fakta.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah "The text mostly uses Simple Past Tense because it retells writer's past experience."


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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