Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c, or d!

The following text is for questions number 1 to 5.

    My mother is my idol. Her name is Mrs. Widya. Physically, she has a tall body with short black hair. Her face is oval with bright black eyes. She has average body weight and fair skin that makes her look perfect with whatever she wears, but she mostly prefers wearing casual clothes to the other kinds of clothes. Perhaps it is because casual clothes are more comfortable to wear. Although my mother is more than forty years old, she looks much younger than her age. Besides, she is a fashionable woman. She has many kinds of clothes, bags, and shoes. She is good at mix-matching them.

    My mother is a really patient person. I adore her patience in facing every problem in daily life. She knows well how to handle her four children who have different characters. She never forces her children to be perfect but always makes us feel comfortable.

    My mother is a cheerful person. She always makes her four children happy. I like the way she laughs and I really love the way she solves her children's problems. She is so smart and really kind woman. She loves helping others who are in need. That's why I want to be like her in the future.

What is the writer talking about?

What is the writer talking about?

  1. Her physical appearance

  2. Her aunt

  3. Her idol

  4. Her family


M. Isnaeni

Master Teacher

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah C.

jawaban yang benar adalah C.



Dalam teks terdapat kalimat " My mother is my idol " yang sesuai dengan soal yang menanyakan isi keseluruhan teks. Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C.

Dalam teks terdapat kalimat "My mother is my idol" yang sesuai dengan soal yang menanyakan isi keseluruhan teks.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C.

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Jawaban terverifikasi




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