The Battle of Surabaya

    On 10 November, Indonesia celebrates Hari Pahlawan or Heroes Day in remembrance of the Battle of Surabaya which started on that very date in the year 1945. The bloody battle took place as Indonesians refused to surrender their weaponry to British army which was part of the Allied forces then. The defiant Bung Tomo is the well-known revolutionary leader who played an important role in this battle.

    It all started due to a misunderstanding between British troops in Jakarta and those in Surabaya, under the command of Brigadier A. W. S. Mallaby. While Brigadier Mallaby already had an agreement with Governor of East Java Mr. Surya that British would not ask Indonesian troops and militia to surrender their weapons, a British plane from Jakarta dropped leaflets all over Surabaya requesting Indonesians to do otherwise on 27 October 1945. This action angered the Indonesian troops and militia leaders because they felt betrayed.

What is the writer's intention to write the text is ....

  1. To persuade readers to join the battle.

  2. To remind readers about Bung Tomo.

  3. To entertain readers with a story of a battle.

  4. To tell readers how to celebrate our National Heroes Day.

  5. To retell readers about a bloody battle happened in Surabaya.

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Pada teks di atas, penulis menceritakan sejarah terbentuknya Hari Pahlawan yang dirayakan untuk memeringati pertarungan yang terjadi di Surabaya pada tanggal 10 November 1945 sehingga teks di atas tergolong ke dalam recount text yang bertujuan menceritakan ulang kejadian yang terjadi di masa lalu. Oleh karena itu, tujuan dari teks di atas adalah menceritakan ulang pertarungan mematikan yang terjadi di Surabaya.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah E.


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