What is the text about?


    Jennifer Lopes (or J. Lo) is a highly successful actress, singer, and dancer. Her new films and new albums usually go straight to the top.

    What's a typical working day for her? Making a film is a hard work. She usually gets up at half past five in the morning and she's always on the film set at half past six. She never drinks coffee and she always has a light lunch of just green salad. She doesn't like working up late at nights. She is usually in bed half past ten. If she stays out late, she will be too tired in the next morning.

    Adam Shankman, a director of one of her films, says "J. Lo is actually a quiet person. She doesn't like going out all the time. She often stays at home on Saturday nights and watches video."

    If J. Lo isn't working on a film or making a record, her life style is very different. When she has got time off, she's quite happy to go out. She loves New York restaurants. She loves dancing. She sometimes dances until three o'clock in the morning!

    J. Lo's family lives in New York. They were very close family. She sees her parents every weekend and she always phones them if she has a problem. She's got two older sisters and they get on very well together. They are not just her sisters, they are her best friends.

What is the text about? 

  1. A successful actress

  2. Jennifer Lopez

  3. Jennifer Lopez's sisters

  4. Jenifer Lope'z friends

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