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    It began one afternoon, when I visited my grandmother for lunch. By the time I went home, she had booked me a ticket to the neighboring island of Lombok for her friend's funeral. Couple of days later, I found myself sitting inside a propeller plane for the first time. Anyway, we landed at an unexpected place. This island has a better airport than the more popular. It didn't stop there. The roads were big and clean. I mean seriously. This island is quiet modern. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. We had hired a private driver for our entire 3 day trip and he was extremely helpful. Not only is he a good and fast driver, but he knows his island. Every question my curious dad asked him, he could answer. It felt like we had Wikipedia as a driver.

    What I liked most about Lombok is that it's not as directed towards international tourists, but locals, the mindset of the people wasn't as rough as of the Balinese. However, I did come across one where a lady tried to sell cheap batik on a deserted beach for RP200,000 (AUD$20). My granddad almost bought it out of pity, but my grandma dragged him out of it. As he turned his back on her, the lady said okay! RP15,000 (AUD$1.50). What a difference! But eventually, being the kind-hearted person my granddad is, he bought 5 pieces. That's a great experience.

What is the text about?

  1. Visiting Bali

  2. Traveling by a propeller plane.

  3. Going to Lombok island.

  4. My kind-hearted granddad.

R. Rani

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Pakuan

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