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    When she was eight years old, Kylie Simonds of Naugatuck, Connecticut was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the connective tissue. She is now in remission and recovering from the ordeal.

    Throughout her illness, one of the obstacles she endured were IV pole wires that would cause her to constantly trip. She also needed help pushing the pole around because it was too heavy for her.

    Kylie invented a pediatric IV backpack - a wearable, portable IV machine for kids receiving chemotherapy or transfusions. The bag even comes in colorful designs. She calls it the I-pack.

    Kylie's design won a prize at the Connecticut Invention Convention in August 2014. She has secured a patent and is trying to raise money to put the backpack into production.

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What is the text about?

  1. A cancer.

  2. A genius student.

  3. Kylie Simonds and her invention.

  4. The Connecticut Invention Convention.

  5. The struggle of Kylie Simonds.

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Pada teks tersebut dapat dilihat bahwa topik utama yang dibahas adalah mengenai penyakit yang dialami Kylie Simonds yang membuatnya menemukan I-pack buatannya.

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