Once upon a time in west java, lived a writer king who had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Dayang Sumbi. She liked weaving very much. Once she was weaving a cloth when one of her tools fell to the ground. She was very tired, at the same time she was too lazy to take it. Then she just shouted out loudly. 
    Anybody there! Bring me my tool. I will give you special present. If you are female. I will consider you as my sister if you are male, I will marry you. Suddenly a male dog, it name was Tumang came. He brought her the falling tool. Dayang Sumbi was very surprised. She regretted her words but she could not deny it. So she had marry Tumang and leave her father. Then they lived in a small village. Several months later they had a son. His name was Sangkuriang. He was a handsome and healthy boy.
     Sangkuriang like hunting very much, especially deer. He often hunting to the woods using his arrow. When he went hunting, Tumang was always with him.
     One day Dayang Sumbi want to have deer's heart so she asked Sangkuriang to hunt for a deer. Then Sangkuriang who to the woods with his arrow and his faithful dog. Tumang, but after several days in in the wood Sangkuriang could not find any deer. Then where all disappeared. Sangkuriang was exhausted and desperate. He did not want to disappoint her mother so he killed Tumang. He did not know that Tumang was His Father. Tumang's heart to his mother. Dayang Sumbi knew that it was Tumang's heart. She was so angry that she could not control her emotion. She hit Sangkuriang at his hod. She also repelled her son. Sangkuriang left her mother in sadness. 
      Many years passed and Sangkuriang become a strong man. He wandered everywhere. One day he arrived at his own village but he did not realized it. There he met Dayang Sumbi. At the time      Dayang Sumbi was given an eternal beauty by the gods so she stayed young forever. Both of them did not know each other. So they fall in love and then they decided to marry. But then Dayang Sumbi recognized a scar on Sangkuriang's head. She knew that Sangkuriang was his son. It was impossible for them to marry. She told his but he did not believe her. He wished that they marry soon. So Dayang Sumbi gave difficult condition. She asked Sangkuriang to build a lake and a boat in one night. She said she needed that for honeymoon. 
Sangkuriang agreed. With the help of genie ad spririts, Sangkuriang tired to build them. By midnight he had completed the lake by building a dam in Citarum river. Then he started making the boat. It was almost dawn when he almost finished it. Meanwhile Dayang Sumbi kept watching on him. She was very worried who she knew this. So she made lights in the east. Then the spirits thought that was already dawn. It was time for them to leave. They left Sangkuriang alone.
       Sangkuriang was angry. He kiced the boat. Then the boat turned upside down. It late, became Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Which means an upside-down boat.

What is the story about?

What is the story about? 

  1. A wrath son 

  2. West java's tales 

  3. Tumang's dog husband 

  4. The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu


A. Mulyanto

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni IKIP PGRI Semarang

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jawabannya D. The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu.

jawabannya D. The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu.



Cerita tersebut bercerita tentang kisah Sangkuriang dan terjadinya gunung Tangkuban Perahu. Dengan demikian, jawabannya D. The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu.

Cerita tersebut bercerita tentang kisah Sangkuriang dan terjadinya gunung Tangkuban Perahu.

Dengan demikian, jawabannya D. The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu.

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