What is the meaning of "pet" in Indonesian?


Read thetext below to answer questions no 16-19

I want to tell you about my lovely pet. I call him Pompom because it is a Pomerania breed dog.

It is a small dog, only 3 kg. Pompom's fur color is brownish yellow. It has four legs. Its eyes are black. It has white short tail. It has cute paws. I got Pompom from a pet shop when he's one month old. Now he's 2 years old.

Pompom likes to eat sausage. We rarely give him dog's food. It also likes to drink milk. My pet is very cute. It always waits for me at the front door when I come home. It will run and jump to me excitedly. We build him a house, but he likes to sleep on the chair instead. I love my pet very much. I always play with Pompom everyday.

What is the meaning of "pet" in Indonesian?

  1. binatang liar

  2. binatang ternak

  3. binatang jinak

  4. binatang peliharaan

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jawaban dari soal di atas adalah D.


Soal menanyakan "Apa arti dari "pet" dalam bahasa Indonesia?"

Dalam bahasa Indonesia, "pet" artinya adalah binatang peliharaan.

Jadi jawaban dari soal di atas adalah D.


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Based on the text above, find the Indonesian meaning of the words below! 2.10 Lose = ____



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