What is the main idea of the first paragraph?


Work in a group of four. Read the following text and analyze the text as in Activity 5. Then, answer the following questions.

Jember Fashion Carnival 2017
Attracts Local and International Photojournalists

Pesona Indonesia
Jakarta I Mon, August 14, 2017 I 03 :10 pm

Attractive carnival model from Jember Fashion Carnival posing and dancing during the opening ceremony of a new mall in Kuningan business district, Jakarta, on Dec. 17, 2011.

    Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) 20 17 that was held from August 9 to 13 managed to attract thousands of photographers from local and international media companies as well as photographer communities.

    "There are thousands of photographers who signed up for a permission to cover this event and there are still others who don't sign up. They all come from East Java, national and foreign media companies. There are also hundreds of photographer communities," said JFC president Dynand Fariz.

    Dynand also mentioned that several foreign photographers have registered via online, "Regular photographers ought to pay for an entrance ticket but media people can get in for free," Dynand added.

    "JFC is such an amazing event that I'm doing a documentary movie about it," said Garry Talbot, a UK-based TV journalist. "We are mesmerized with the extraordinary ideas and the costumes. I'm very interested in the performers," he added.

    Another visitor from Switzerland named Clo Meunier, who came for the first time, echoed the opinion, "These participants have made such incredible costumes and they made them by themselves even though they're not a designer. The costumes showcase Indonesian culture. I hope I can visit Jember again next year to watch JFC."

    This year's festivity also commemorated the appointment of Jember as a carnival city. Tourism minister Arief Yahya said that Jember Fashion Carnival that has been held for 16 years has inspired other carnivals across the archipelago and have brought home so many international awards and recognitions.

    "Everyone admits that JFC is a world-class event which is why tourism ministry has appointed Jember as a carnival city. By turning it into a carnival city, the commercial and financial values will increase," said Arief.

    JFC has won numerous awards for its costumes that are inspired by several regions in Indonesia such as Bali (Best National Costume Mister International 20 10 in Indonesia), Toraja Karembau (Best National Costume Man Hunt International 20 11 in South Korea), Papua (Best National Costume Mister Universe Model in Dominican Republic), Borneo (Best National Costume Miss Supranational 20 14 Poland), Lampung (Best National Costume Miss International 20 14 in Tokyo, Japan and Best National Costume Miss Grand International 20 16 in Las Vegas, United States), Toraja Tongkonan (Best National Costume Miss Supranational 20 15 in Poland), Borobudur (Best National Costume Miss Universe 20 15 in Florida, United States), Betawi (Best National Costume Miss Tourism International 20 16 in Malaysia) and Garuda-inspired costume (Top 5 National Costume Miss Universe 20 16 in Philippines).

Source: http:llwww.t hejakartapost. com/trave/12017108114/jember:fashion-carnival-2017-al/racts-local-and-internationalphotojourna/ists. html

What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


dalam Bahasa Inggris, kita bisa menyatakannya dengan "JFC 2017 attract thousand of photographers".


Soal di atas menanyakan tentang "Apa ide utama dari paragraf pertama?". Berikut adalah makna dari paragraf pertama teks di atas dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

"Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) 2017 yang digelar pada 9-13 Agustus berhasil menarik ribuan fotografer dari perusahaan media lokal dan internasional serta komunitas fotografer."

Setelah kita membaca teks tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa, ide utama dari paragraf pertama adalah JFC 2017 menarik ribuan fotografer.

Jadi, dalam Bahasa Inggris, kita bisa menyatakannya dengan "JFC 2017 attract thousand of photographers".


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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