What is the first paragraph called?


Read the text carefully and answer the questions carefully!

Way Kambas National Park

    Indonesia has a special park which is good to be known. The place is Way Kambas National Park. Actually, It is a national park for elephant sanctuary located in Lampung precisely in the Labuhan Ratu sub district, East Lampung, Indonesia. Way Kambas National Park, established in 1985, is the first school for elephant in Indonesia. In the beginning of its establishment, Way Kambas National Park was named the Elephant Training Center/Pusat Latihan Gajah (PLG), but the last few years this name was changed into Elephant Conservation Center/Pusat Konservasi Gajah (PKG), which is expected to become a center for elephant conservation in taming, training, breeding and conserving elephants. Until now, this PKG has trained for about 300 elephants which have been deployed to all over the country.

    In Way Kambas National Park, there are some endangered animals such as Sumatran Rhinos, Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, Mentok Rimba, and Buaya sepit. There are also so some plants which are mostly found there such as Api-api, Pidada, Nipah, and Pandan. On the marshy coasts of Way Kambas National Park is often found various species of birds, such as, Lesser Adjutant, Pheasant Blue, Kuau Raja, Pependang Timur, and some other birds.

Adapted from: http://britishcourse.com/20-contoh-descriptive-text-terbaik.php

What is the first paragraph called?

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jawaban yang benar adalah "The first paragraph is called identification."


Teks di atas tergolong ke dalam descriptive text. Paragraf pertama dari suatu descriptive text adalah paragraf yang mengandung struktur identification yaitu bagian teks yang menyatakan hal yang akan dideskripsikan serta memberikan latar belakangnnya.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah "The first paragraph is called identification."


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Paragraph one is called: ____.



Jawaban terverifikasi


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