Glue Gun

I have a special tool. It is my electric hot glue gun. The colour is pink. It is like a gun. I have to plug it into an electricity socket. I just have to press the handle of the gun and the glue will appear from the tip of the gun. I like it because I can use it to make various crafts. I like making crafts from paper, plastic, fabric. I use my electric hot glue gun to attach materials together.

What is the colour of the electric hot glue gun?undefined 

  1. Redundefined 

  2. Blueundefined 

  3. Pinkundefined 

  4. Greenundefined 

D. Enty

Master Teacher

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jawaban yang tepat adalah C.undefined 


Kalimat "What is the colour of the electric hot glue gun?" artinya adalah "Apa warna lem tembak listrik?"

Dalam kalimat ketiga, dinyatakan bahwa "The colour is pink" yang artinya adalah "Warnanya adalah merah muda". Jadi, warna lem tembak tersebut adalah pink.

Oleh karena itu, jawaban yang tepat adalah C.undefined 


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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