Read the teks and answer the questions.

    This is about my younger sister, Linda. She is a high school student. She has always imagined herself as a musician. She has told me about her dream many times. It's been her dream since elementary school.

   Who has inspired her to be a musician? A great singer named Whitney Houston has been her favourite singer. Linda has always listened to Whitney's songs many times in a day. She loves the song entitled I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston.

    Linda has also learned how to play a guitar for a year. She has made one Youtube channel since 2017. She has covered many songs and uploaded the recordings to her channel. Many viewers have written positive comments about her covers.

    Sometime Linda has music performances with her friends. Linda and her friends have just done a music performance this month. They are also great players. They have won five music competitions this year. They all want to be great musicians.

What does the text tell us about?

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang yang tepat adalah "The text tell us about her younger sister, Linda."


Soal ini menanyakan isi dari teks cerita. Untuk mengetahui jawabannya, dapat dilihat pada kalimat utama teks yang berupa "This is about my younger sister, Linda" artinya " Ini adalah tentang adik perempuan saya, namanya Linda." 

Dari potongan tersebut, dapat disimpulkan penulis berbicara mengenai adik perempuannya yang bernama Linda.

Jadi, jawaban yang yang tepat adalah "The text tell us about her younger sister, Linda."


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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