What does the first paragraph mostly tell about?


Read the following texts carefully! Then answer the questions!

Text 1

Fort Rotterdam


    Fort Rotterdam is located · in the center of Makassar city. It was originally built in the 16th century by a sultan of Gowa-Tallo for a defense against the Dutch attack and was called Jum Pandan. However, the Sultanate later fell into Dutch occupation and the fort was renovated into a bigger and stronger fort. The renovation was done using karst, limestone, and timber from nearby area. It was renamed as Fort Rotterdam, after Dutch admiral Speelman's birthplace. It was then become the center of Dutch power inSulawesi.

    Standing majestically at the western coast of Makassar, South Sulawesi , Fort Rotterdam is recognized as the city's most iconic landmark. Inside the fort, there are thirteen buildings. At thecentre of the fort is a church building. Several buildings along the north and south curtain walls still exist. Visitors can also visit a museum, called the La Galigo Museum. It is a place to store various historical objects about humans in ancient times. The buildings on the south curtain house a museum displaying local skills in silk weaving, agriculture and boatbuilding, and scale models of indigenous boats. The barracks on the eastern wall now house a small library. There are also ships' logs of VOC" captains and ancient lontar manuscripts. The department of archaeology is housed in the former building of the head of administration for the VOC. The southwestern Bastion contains a prison where Prince Diponegoro was imprisoned at the end of his life.

    Currently Fort Rotterdam is still standing strong and open to public. It is now not only as a tourist attraction and becomes the icon of the city of Makassar, but also as a place to carry out various events. Today, the buildings contain the national archives, the historical and archaeological institute, conservatory of dance and music, art development services and the state museum.

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What does the first paragraph mostly tell about?

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Soal menanyakan tentang isi dari paragraf pertama.

Paragraf pertama meceritakan objek apa yang akan dideskripsikan di paragraf berikutnya yaitu benteng Fort Rotterdam. Kalimat ini bila diubah ke dalam bahasa Inggris menjadi "The first paragraph mostly tells about something that wants to be described in the next paragraph, that is Fort Rotterdam castle".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah "The first paragraph mostly tells about the history of Fort Rotterdam"



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