What did they do on the second day?


Read the following text and answer the following questions!


    Last holiday, my friends and I went to camping on the mountain. We went to Guci Tegal. The spot is near from our town. It was about 2 hours to get there. We choosed Guci because it was not too far from settlement.

    We prepared everything before going on camping. The boys prepared the tents, the girls prepared the food, and I checked the accommodations. We brought cooking utensils and the food from home, clothes, camera, guitar, and many others. We went there by a car and a motorcycle for unwanted condition. We went there in the sunny morning and hoped no rain during camping.

    On the first day, we sat up the tent on the spot near waterfall. The girls made the fence of the area but the boys took a bath on the river. Then, we cooked the food for the lunch, had lunch together, tried to fish in the river but we got a sandal.

    On the second day, we had some activities. We went on hiking up the mountain, took some pictures in tea garden, and picked strawberry. The last night of our camping was so cold, we made a campfire, sang song together and told spooky stories which made us fear.

    We had camping for about three days. On the last day, we packed everything we bought. we cleaned the area and made sure there was nothing left except our footprint. We didn't took anything except took photos, we remembered that we must keep the nature, friendly with them and they will be friendly with us. We made a memory by taking photos together in front of a waterfall and then went home happily. We felt very tired.

What did they do on the second day?

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah: Go on hiking, took some picture in tea garden, picked strawberry, make camp fire, sing together and told spooky story.


Soal di atas menanyakan kemana mereka pergi.

Untuk menjawab soal dengan tepat, kalian harus memahami pertanyaanya lalu melakukan skimmin atau scanning untuk mendapatkan jawaban.

Jawabannya ada di paragraf ke empat, kalian dapat membuat daftar kegiatan mereka seperti ini:

- Go on hiking (mendaki gunung).
- Took some picture in tea garden (berfoto di kebun teh).
- Picked strawberry (memetik stroberi)
- Make camp fire (membuat api unggun)
- Sing together and told spooky story (Bernyanyi bersama dan menceritakan kisah seram).

Jadi jawaban yang tepat adalah: Go on hiking, took some picture in tea garden, picked strawberry, make camp fire, sing together and told spooky story.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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