What can we learn from the text?


The following text is for questions 24 to 26.

    Jamie was tired. She had been on her feet for hours. Her mom owned a small but busy restaurant in town. Three of her mom's employees had called in sick that morning. There was a big festival in the city park that day, and Jamie had wanted to go. But her mom had asked for her help at the restaurant.

    All Jamie wanted to do was sit down for a while. Instead, she hurried around the restaurant, taking orders and refilling coffee cups. As soon as one table was cleared, a new set of customers walked in. The customers just kept coming! That meant more orders and more coffee.

    "Order up!" called the cook from the kitchen. Jamie stared at the kitchen. She thought about all of the food stalls at the festival. Cooks there were preparing special foods from all over the world. Jamie imagined the delicious smells of new and exotic foods.

    "Hurry, Jamie!" the cook called, catching Jamie lost in thought.

    "I'm coming," Jamie grumbled. But her mom had already picked up the plates of hot food from the counter and delivered them to a table by the window.

    "Wake up, Jamie," her mom said. "I know you don't want to be here, but I need your help."

(Adopted from: Evan Moor, Daily Reading Comprehension Grade 5, USA: Educational Publishers, 2010.)

What can we learn from the text?undefined  

  1. We should make our parents happy.undefined 

  2. We should listen to others' explanation.undefined 

  3. We should do anything sincerely.undefined 

  4. We should always be polite to everyone.undefined 

  5. We should first help others.undefined 

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jawaban yang tepat adalah C.undefined 


Arti dari kalimat pertanyaan soal di atas adalah "Apa yang bisa kita pelajari dari teks tersebut?"

Dari teks tersebut, kita tahu bahwa Jamie sedang membantu ibunya, seperti pada kalimat di kalimat pertama "But her mom had asked for her help at the restaurant." Namun, Jamie tidak membantu dengan sepenuh hati kerena dalam tugasnya, Jamie terus memikirkan festival, seperti pada kalimat berikut "There was a big festival in the city park that day, and Jamie had wanted to go."

Selain itu, Jamie juga tertangkap sedang melamum sehingga membuat sang koki berteriak memanggilnya, "Hurry, Jamie!" the cook called, catching Jamie lost in thought.".

Dari teks di atas kita dapat belajar bahwa kita harus melakukan segala hal dengan sepenuh hati kita, terlebih ketika sedang membantu orang tua.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah C.undefined 


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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