Vegetarians, about 3,2% of the US population, do n...

Vegetarians, about 3,2% of the US population, do not eat meat. The US Departement of Agriculture does not only include meat as part of balanced diet, but it also states that a vegetarian diet can meet "the recommended dietary allowances for nutrients"

Many proponents of vegetarianism say that eating meat harms health, wastes resources, causes deforestationm and created pollution They often argue that killing  animals for food is cruel and unethical since non-animal food sources are pletiful.

Humans evolved to be primarily vegetarian. Humans do not have the large mouth or, pointed teeth of carnivore can detoxify the excess vitamin A absorbed from a meat-based diet. The human liver cannot excess vitamin A

it is unnecessary to take an animal's life when vegetarian options are available In the US about 35 million cows 115 million pigs, and 9 billion birds are killed for food each year. These animals should not have to die to satisfy an unnecessary dietary prefrence.

On the other hand, many opponents of a vegetarian diet say that moderate meat consumtion is healthful, humane and that producing vegetables couses many of the same environmental probles as producing meat.

Eating meat is not cruel or unethical. Every organism on eary dies, at some points, so others can live. There is nothing wrong with this cycle: it is how nature works. Humans have been eating meat in the anccstral diet provided a dense form of cabohydrates such as roots, allowed us to develop our large brains and intelligence

Meat is the most covenient protein sources since it provides all 10 essential proteins ( amino acids), as well as essential nutrients such as iron , zinc and the B vitamins, in one serving. Most individual plant foods do not provide adequate levels of all 100 essential proteins in a single serving

In my opinion, meat eaters don't need to feel guilty. Everything we conss=ume, including vegetables or meat, has environmental, ethical, and health consequences.

The sixth paragraph is an argument ....








  1. againts animal killing for food

  2. for out ancestor's diet

  3. for meat consumption

  4. for the vegetarianism


  5. against vegetarianism


Berdasarkan kalimat “Eating meat is not cruel or unethical. Every organism on earth dies, at some points, so others can live” yang terdapat pada kalimat ke-1 dan ke-2, dapat diketahui bahwa memakan daging tidaklah kejam karena setiap organisme yang mati itu membuat organisme lainnya hidup sehingga pilihan jawaban (C) adalah yang paling tepat karena gagasan yang disampaikan mendukung (arguments for) konsumsi daging.




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