There was a girl named Pina, who live on a fruit p...

There was a girl named Pina, who live on a fruit plantation with her mother. When her mother worked night and day, little Pina would spend all her time playing with her friends. When her mother asked her to do something, she would always reply that she couldn't find things, even if it was laying right in front of her eyes.

One day, her mother fell ill and couldn't even get up to cook some food. So, she asked Pina to cook some rice. However, Pina being her lazy self said, "I can't find the pot, so where should I put the rice?". Her mother told her where the pot was. Then she said, "where is the ladle, how I am going to cook without a ladle?".Again her sick mother had to tell her the exact location. Pina did the same with salt, rice, and water! Enraged by Pina's behavior, her mother cursed, "May you grow a thousand eyes" and went back to sleep.

When she woke up, she could find her daughter. She searched and searched and so did every single person on the plantation. After a few days, a strange fruit with thousands of little dots was seen on the plantation. When Pina's mother saw the fruit, she was immediately reminded of Pina's beautiful brown eyes and thus, the fruit with a thousand eyes was named "Pinya", meaning pineapple in Tagalog.

What can we learn from the story?

  1. Don't be lazy.

  2. Don't spend your time for playing.

  3. Do not angry to your child.

  4. Respect and obey your mother.


Yang dapat diambil dari cerita di atas adalah hormati dan patuhilah ibu mu. Maka jawaban D adalah jawaban yang tepat.




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