Orchard Road is a Boulevard which becomes business and entertainment center in Singapore. Orchard Road is surrounded by a lush tropical and flower gardens which are beautiful. At first, Orchard Road is just a suburban street lined with orchards, plantations nutmeg, and pepper farming. However, in the 1970s, it turned into a shopping center in Singapore. In 1960 and 1970 entertainment industries began to enter this road. Shopping centers such as mall and Plaza was built in 1974.

    Orchard Road runs along about 2.2 km. This road is one-way street flanked by a variety of shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. The shopping area which is nearly 800,000 square meters provides a wide range of Things, food, and entertainment. In this area there are many options that can satisfy visitors from all walks of life starting from the luxury branded things to the Popular branded, from exclusive restaurants to fast food.

    There are so many ways that can be accessed to get to Orchard road such as: by taxi, bus or drive your own car. For those who are driving to Orchard Road can be entered from the west through the Napier Road. Vehicles from Dunrean Road can turn to left at the intersection of the Marriott Hotel junction. Vehicles that come from Paterson can turn right onto Orchard Road. Orchard is always crowded so you have to be careful in order not to get lost.

The word "satisfy"in line eighth has the closet meaning with?

The word "satisfy" in line eighth has the closet meaning with?

  1. Pleased

  2. Free

  3. Frighten

  4. Threat

  5. Loved


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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah A.

jawaban yang benar adalah A.



Arti dari " satisfy " adalah "memuaskan". Pilihan jawaban " Pleased " memiliki makna "puas", kurang lebih sama dengan " satisfy ". Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah A.

Arti dari "satisfy" adalah "memuaskan".

Pilihan jawaban "Pleased" memiliki makna "puas", kurang lebih sama dengan "satisfy".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah A.

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Jawaban terverifikasi


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