The text above implies that ….


    Genetic research has produced both exciting and frightening possibilities. Scientists are now able to create new forms of life in the laboratory due to the development of gene splicing.

    On the other hand, the ability to create life in the laboratory could greatly benefit mankind. For example, because it is very expensive to obtain insulin from natural sources, scientists have developed a method to manufacture it inexpensively in the laboratory.

    Another beneficial application of gene splicing is in agriculture. Scientists foresee the day when new plants will be developed using nitrogen from the air instead of from fertilizer. Therefore food production could be increased. In addition, entirely new plants could be developed to feed the world’s hungry people.

    Not everyone is excited about gene splicing, however. Some people feel that it could have terrible consequences. A laboratory accident, for example, might cause an epidemic of an unknown disease that could wipe out humanity.

     As a result of this controversy, the government has made rules to control genetic experiments. While some members of the scientific community feel that these are too strict, many other people feel that are still not strict enough.


The text above implies that ….

  1. Genetic research always have bad effects on human development

  2. .The government ignores the genetic research implementation

  3. All scientists approve of the application of genetic research

  4. Genetic research creates controversy among the scientists

  5. Everyone is satisfied with the development of genetic research

A. Mulyanto

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni IKIP PGRI Semarang

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Soal tersebut berarti  "teks di atas menyiratkan bahwa…."  A. Genetic research always have bad effects on human development, hal ini bisa dilihat dalam paragraf empat bahwa gene splicing bisa menyebabkan epidemi.

Dengan demikan, jawaban yang tepat adalah A.



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