The main idea of the second paragraph is ....


This text is for questions 35 to 37.

    Most people choose jogging to keep their body fit and healthy. Overdoing it will risk your body, so do it moderately. I believe jogging is an easy exercise, so many people like it. Here are some reasons why people like jogging.

    First, jogging can improve overall fitness. It increases cardiovascular health as your lungs and heart adapt to increased activity. Jogging also burns calories, which helps you lose fat and maintain your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is a key to staying healthy.

    Second, jogging can make your life span longer. Being physically active helps prevent disease, and jogging is no exception. As part of the Copenhagen City Heart Study, researchers investigated the effects of jogging on nearly 2,000 adult men and women over a 35-year-period. According to their findings, male joggers lived 6.2 years longer than male non-joggers, and female joggers lived 5.6 years longer than female non-joggers. Jogging was associated with lower overall all-cause mortality and a substantial increase in survival.

    Next, jogging can also improve mental health. There's no denying the positive effects of regular exercise on mental health. From yoga to cycling to swimming, physical activity boosts mood and reduces stress and anxiety. If you go jogging someplace scenic, you also get the benefits of breathing fresh air and taking in natural beauty.

    From those reasons, personally I think that jogging is the easiest way to keep our body and mind healthy. No wonder, most people like jogging better than other sports.

The main idea of the second paragraph is ....

  1. The effect of jogging for our cardiovascular.

  2. How to lose our weight.

  3. The benefit of jogging for our body.

  4. How to maintain our health.

  5. A key of staying healthy.

B. Atlaliust

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Negeri Medan

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah A.


Jawaban yang benar dari soal ini adalah A.

Soal ini menanyakan apa gagasan utama dari paragraf kedua.

Pada paragraf kedua, penulis menjelaskan manfaat kebugaran dari joging, yaitu meningkatkan kesehatan kardiovaskuler dan membakar kalori sehingga berat badan terjaga.

Oleh karena itu, gagasan utama dari paragraf kedua adalah efek joging terhadap kesehatan kardiovaskuler kita.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah "The effect of jogging for our cardiovascular."

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah A.


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