Should children be allowed to stay in at break tim...

Should children be allowed to stay in at break times?

A group of children at Willow Tree school feel they should have the right to stay in at break times if they want to. There are a number of impracticalities regarding such a ridiculous idea but the foolish children appear not to have considred hem.

Firstly, the children have to be supervised at all times and with children inside and outside this would not be possible. The budget for lunchtimes stuff is already being these selfish children.

Some of the children are suggesting that the teachers could supervise them if they choose to be indoors at playtime. Are the teachers not workng hard enough already? Do they not deserve 50 minutes to reflect on the morning? Do they not use the 50 minutes to prepare for the afternoon? Asking the teacher to supervise the children is beyond their job description.

Everybody knows that air is needed to help the brain at its best. In a recent study, Oxford University found that children’s concentrate tripled once they had been outside. If chidren were allowed to stay cooped up inside all day their concentration would suffer.

Of course some people might say it’s unfair to make children go outside on a cold day. However, it has been proven that colds and illness spread in warm conditions. So, being outside is actually beneficial to their health. Plus they can run around and get some exercises outside.

Children need to go outside at break times. They need fresh air and exercise for their health. Teachers need a break to prepare, reflect and relax. However, the fundamental reason why children cannot stay in at break since is because there is just not enough money to provide supervision.


  1. even on a cold day, children should go outside at break times

  2. students need fresh air to prevent from colds and illness

  3. children should run around the school at break times

  4. it's unfair to make children go outside on a cold day

  5. colds and illness are tripled on a cold day




Berdasarkan informasi pada paragraf ke-5, dapat diketahui bahwa siswa diimbau untuk tetap bermain di luar demi mendapatkan keuntungan bagi kesehatan mereka meskipun udara dingin sekalipun sebab sudah diketahui bahwa justru dalam cuaca hangatlah penyakit lebih mudah menyebar sehingga pilihan jawaban (A) adalah yang paling tepa




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