Riding on a canal bus is an enjoyable and relaxed way of getting around Amsterdam canals and it takes you to pass all the city's top sights. You'll see many kinds of buildings, from historic ones to the city's narrowest houses. Canal bus boats also cruise along the most famous canals, bringing you to Amsterdam's major museums, such as Van Gogh Museum, the Rijkos-Museum and the Ann Frank house.
          On Board we provide a multilingual commentary. Our comfortable boats offer a frequent and regular service with 4 routes and 20 stops, including 6 transfer points.
          The stops are located near the museum, shopping district and tourist attractions. Your 24 hours ticket allows you to hop and off as often as you like.

How many routes does the canal have?

  1. 24

  2. 20

  3. 6

  4. 4

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Dari kalimat “…regular service with 4 routes and…” (layanan regular dengan 4 jalur), maka dapat disimpulkan bahwa jawaban 4 merupakan jawaban yang paling tepat.


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