Read the texts and choose the correct answers. Que...

Read the texts and choose the correct answers.
Questions 11-15

My Room

    My favourite place in our house is my bedroom. I painted it pink because it's my favourite colour. I put some pictures of natural scenery on the walls.

    Near the window is my desk. There is an alarm clock, a dictionary, and some encyclopedias on the desk. The alarm clock wakes me up in the morning. The dictionary and the encyclopedias help me when l study.

    My bed is very comfortable. The colour of the sheet ls pink. The pillows and the bolsters are pink, too.

From the text, we know that there are ... in the writer's room.undefined 

  1. two alarm clocksundefined 

  2. three windowsundefined 

  3. some picturesundefined 

  4. two pillowsundefined 


Jawaban dari pertanyaan tersebut dapat ditemukan pada kalimat terakhir paragraf pertama yang berbunyi "I put some pictures of natural scenery on the walls.Apabila diterjemahkan, kalimat tersebut berbunyi "Aku menaruh beberapa gambar pemandangan alam di dinding."

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C.undefined 




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