Read the following text and answer the question!

    A barometer is used for measuring air pressure. It is a useful tool for helping predict weather changes.

What you'll need:

  • A balloon
  • A jar
  • Scissors
  • A rubber band
  • Tape
  • A piece of card
  • A straw
  • A marker (felt pen)


  1. Cut the top off the balloon (the part which you blow into).
  2. Stretch the balloon over the top of the jar and hold it in place with a rubber band.
  3. Place the straw across the top of the jar so that one-third of the straw is hanging over the edge. Stick the straw to the balloon with tape.
  4. Draw three lines on the piece of card that are about half a centimeter apart from each other. Label these lines as high, moderate and low.
  5. Tape the card against the back of the jar so that the straw points to moderate.
  6. Put your barometer on a flat surface somewhere inside.

What's happening?

    When there is low air pressure the balloon should expand out and the straw will point down. This is because the air inside the balloon now has relatively more air pressure compared to the air outside, it pushes the balloon out as a result.

    When there is high air pressure the air on the outside will push the balloon into the jar and the
straw will point upwards. The air inside the balloon now has relatively less pressure, this pushes the balloon inwards as a result.

    In general, high air pressure indicates fair weather while low air pressure indicates that bad
weather is more likely. Although forecasting the weather isn't an exact science and can be very
difficult at times, give it a go and see how accurate you are.

(Adopted from: (April 23, 2019))

What is the function of the straw?undefined 

  1. As an accessory.undefined 

  2. As an indicator.undefined 

  3. As an air valve.undefined 

  4. As an air ventilation.undefined 

  5. As an air sucker.undefined 

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jawaban yang benar adalah B.


Soal di atas menanyakan "Apa fungsi dari sedotan?"

Fungsi dari sedotan dijelaskan pada bagian "What's happening?" dalam bacaan. Pada paragraf 1 kalimat 1 yang artinya "Saat ada tekanan udara rendah balon tersebut seharusnya mengembang dan sedotannya akan mengarah ke bawah." Pada paragraf 2 kalimat 1 juga disebutkan bahwa sedotan akan mengarah ke atas jika terdapat tekanan udara yang tinggi.

Dari 2 kutipan kalimat tersebut, kita bisa beranggapan bahwa fungsi dari sedotan tersebut pada barometer adalah sebagai indikator tekanan udara.

Jadi jawaban yang benar adalah B.


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