One of the most interesting places to visit in Sin...

One of the most interesting places to visit in Singapore is the Bird Park. It is located in the industrial area in Singapore, called Jurong. The bird park is about twelve kilometers from the centre of the city . and it`s easy to get there by bus or by taxi.

It is one of the largest bird park in the world. The birds are kept in large cages, and there are hundreds of beautiful birds from many different parts of the world, including penguins, parrots, eagles, and ostriches. There is a large lake in the park with a restaurant beside it. There is also a very large cage which you can walk in to get a closer look at the birds.

It takes about two hours to see all the birds. You can walk around the park or ride on a bus. The best timne to visit the park is in the early morning or late afternoon, when it is cooler.


How far is the park from the city center?

  1. 2 km

  2. 10 km

  3. 12 km

  4. 100 km


Jarak dari taman ke pusat kota adalah 12 km atau yang ada pada jawaban C. Hal ini juga dapat dilihat pada kalimat ketiga paragraph pertama yaitu “The bird park is about twelve kilometres from the centre of the city…” (Taman burung terletak sekitar duabelas kilometre dari pusat kota)




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