One day, Rahwana kidnapped Sinta and took her to his palace in Alengka. Rama was so sad. He tried many efforts to save his wife. He sent his best troops to search for his beloved wife but Sinta remained unfound.

After four months, Hanoman, the king of white monkeys found Sinta’s crown in the bushes. It was a clue that led them to Alengka. Rama thanked his best friend, Hanoman, and soon they went to Alengka with thousands of troops.

The battle was unavoidable. Rahwana’s troops were very powerful giants. They made many of Rama’s soldiers wounded. The battle took two months. Yet, after Rama got involved in the battle, the problem solved. It was also because of Rama’s power. Rahwan, the very powerful king of giants was killed.

Rama was so happy to see his beloved wife. They returned to Ayoda and lived happily forever.

Rama thanked Hanoman because...

  1. he wanted to go to Alengka

  2. he found Sinta's crown

  3. he killed thousands of troops

  4. he told him an important secret

N. Ayu

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Padjadjaran

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Rama berterima kasih kepada Hanoman karena telah menemukan mahkota Sinta sebagai petunjuk ke Alengka seperti yang tertera dalam kalimat kedua paragraf kedua. Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat



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