One day,  Arhie, his brother and sister (48) ... a gike in the hills. On theri way to the hill a growl and a bark were heard somewhere nearby. The sound scared them so much that they started to cry. Archie's brother and sister ran quickly away as the wolf chase, but Archie did not run. He stayed there in (49) ... With an angry look Archie showed no fear at all. He yelled at the wolf and it turned right around. It was (50) ... of him that it slipped on the ground. The wolf ran away through the trees, quicly out of his sight. When his brother and his sister saw what Archie did, they thought that Archie was truly a courageus kid.

  1. scared

  2. pleased

  3. annoyed

  4. terrified

  5. shocked

Y. Yuli.Widya

Master Teacher

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Berdasarkan kalimat “...that it slipped on the ground, dapat diketahui bahwa serigala tersebut tersungkur di atas tanah karena diteriakkan oleh Archie sehingga pilihan jawaban (B) adalah yang paling tepat karena Archie pasti merasa ‘senang’ karena ia berhasil mengusir serigala tersebut. Pilihan jawaban lain salah karena memiliki makna berlawanan (negatif) seperti takut (A dan D), terganggu (C), dan terkejut (E) yang memang tak sesuai dengan konteks ceritanya.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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