Once upon a time, a giant named Kbo Iwo lived in Bali. He helped people building temples and villages, digging ditches, and cutting terrace out of the hillsides for rice paddies. All he asked for his help was food to satisfy his huge appetite.

One day, poor harvest made the people barely feed themselves, much less a giant. This made Kbo Iwo angry so much that he rampaged across the island, killing and destroyed everything in sight until all houses, rice fields, and temples were ruined. The people were very angry with Kbo Iwo and gathered together to decide how to stop him. They planned to make friends with the giant and then kill him.

The people begged Kbo Iwo to rebuild the temples, houses, and rice fields which he had destroyed. The Balinese people then asked him to build a well. As he dug, the earth piled high next to the well. The pile was as high as a mountain.

Tired from the hard work, he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, the people pored huge amounts of lime (a sticky substance) down to the well. The lime set around the giant and when he woke up, he was unable to escape.

The well then began to fill with water and it soon overflowed to become a lake. Today, many people believe that the lake is Lake Batur, Bali's largest lake. The pile of earth that Kbo Iwo dug out of the well was believed to be Mount Batur, Bali's third-largest volcanic mountain.

How did people kill Kbo Iwo?

  1. By giving him no food.

  2. By keeping him in well.

  3. By helping him escape.


  4. By burying him in a well.

S. Sumiati

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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Orang-orang membunuh Kbo Iwo dengan cara menahannya di dalam sumur. Seperti yang ada pada kalimat kedua paragraf keempat dan kelima, While he was sleeping, the people poured huge amounts of lime down to the well. The lime set arund the giant and when he woke up, he was unable to escape (Ketika raksasa tertidur, orang-orang menuangkan lemon ke dalam sumur. Lemon tersebut mengelilingi tubuh raksasa dan ketika ia terbangun raksasa tidak dapat melarikan diri). Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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