On the third day, the tourists will enjoy the following activities, except ....


The Komodo Dragons Adventure!
4 Days Adventure Package

1 st Day: Welcome to Sumbawa Island!
Our guide will meet you at Sima airport and bring you to the Lambitu Hotel for taking a rest and having meals. After lunch, you will be guided to, visit a small village called Sambori. It is a traditional Bimanese village. You will be able to learn their customs and culture.

2nd Day: Explore Komodo Island
After having breakfast, you are heading to Sape harbour. You wi ll board to Komodo Island with a full-equipped wooden boat for tourists. We will arrive at Komodo Island in the late afternoon since it takes around 6 hours from Sumbawa Island to Komodo Island. Lunch will be served on the boat.

3rd Day: Enjoy Holiday
You will have breakfast at the base. Then we will walk to Banugulung which is about 1 .5 miles away to see the Komodo Dragons. Komodo Dragons are up to 3 m long and about 150 kg weight. There are 3,000 to 5,000 total number of these lizards inhabiting Komodo, Padar, Rinca Island, and Western Flores. After that, you will return to the base and be allowed to swim or snorkel at the beach . The lunch will be served on board. Then you will return to Sape then be driven to Bima.

4th Day: Take a Safe Flight!
Transfer to the airport to depart for Denpasar, Bali.

On the third day, the tourists will enjoy the following activities, except ....

  1. Going to Banugulung to watch Komodo Dragon

  2. Having lunch at a restaurant

  3. Swimming or snorkeling

  4. Returning to Sape

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Master Teacher

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jawaban yang tepat adalah B.


Arti dari soal ini adalah "Di hari ke tiga, para turis akan menikmati aktivitas berikut, kecuali ...."

Berdasarkan teks, para turis akan menikmati berbagai aktivitas kecuali makan siang di rumah makan karena berdasarkan teks disebutkan bahwa "The lunch will be served on board" (Makan siang akan disajikan di atas kapal), bukan di rumah makan.

Maka, jawaban yang tepat adalah "Having lunch at a restaurant" (makan siang di rumah makan).

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah B.


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