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September 23rd , 2012

Center for Academic Student Services



Meserve Hall

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To all undergraduate and graduate students of

Arts and Sciences Department


There will be an open dialogue for students and members of the committee discussing

Arts and Sciences Department and Academic Research Journal on

September 26th , 4:30-6:00 p.m., in 31B

Currie Student Center

Attached is a list of published Academic Journals.

For more information, please visit our website:

by attending this dialogue, hopefully you will understand more about Academic Journal.


(This meeting has been rescheduled from September 21st )

From the text, we can see that...

  1. the committee will not attend the dialogue

  2. every student of the department is invited

  3. the dialogue is only for special students only

  4. there has not been any change in the dialogue schedule


Informasi yang dapat kita temukan pada table di atas adalah C, the dialogue is only for special students only (dialog hanya untuk siswa tertentu saja) dalam hal ini adalah mahasiswa jurusan seni dan mahasiswa jurusan sains. Jawaban A salah karena panita akan datang pada acara dialog tersebut. Jawaban B salah karena tidak semua mahasiswa dari segala jurusan yang diundang. Jawaban D juga salah karena tidak ada perubahan jadwal pada acara dialog tersebut.





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