Marie Curie was born in Poland in 1867. She was th...

Marie Curie was born in Poland in 1867. She was the only person who gained two Nobel prizes at that time. She achieved one on physics and one on chemistry. She was born as Marie Sklodowska, the daughter of a chemistry professor. She was the first woman who attended University of Sorbonne in Paris. As a poor student, she lived in Paris on only ten cents a day for 3 years. In 1895, she married Pierre Currie, a chemist. They had two daughters: Irene and Eve. Marie managed three lives as a researcher, a wife and a mother.

In 1898, Marrie discovered radium. Later she developed a concept of radioactivity, which marked the beginning of the atomic age. During World Was I, Marie and her daughter completed a new medical tool – the X – ray. Marie died in 1934, only a year before her daughter Irene won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

From the text, we know that ...

  1. Marrie Currie's passion for chemistry was followed her daughter

  2. Pierre Currie was a chemistry professor in Sorbonne University

  3. Irene Currie war Marrie Currie's sister and had similar passion

  4. Pierre Currie lived in Paris and went to Sorbonne University


Berdasarkan keseluruhan isi teks, kita tahu bahwa ketertarikan Marrie Currie terhadap bidang kimia diikuti oleh anak perempuannya. Hal ini ada pada kalimat terakhir paragraf terakhir. Jawaban B dan D salah karena tidak dibahas di bacaan. Jawaban C salah karena berlawanan dengan isi bacaan. Maka jawaban A adalah jawaban yang tepat.





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