Many people imagine the sea-horse to be real horse living in the sea. This is not true at all. The seahorse is so called because it is a tiny creature with a horse-like head which lives in the sea. Sea-horse is found mostly in warm seas.


They have a long, flexible tail which is used for wrapping around weeds for support. They swim upright position, their movements being helped by a rapidly oscillating fin on their back. The male sea-horse lays her eggs in this pouch.


The most remarkable thing about the sea-horse is that part of the process of reproduction is taken over by the male creature. Once the female sea-horse has laid her eggs in the male creature's pouch, she leaves. The hatching of the egg is done by the male fish. Mating begins with the male and the female sea-horses doing courtship dance. The male and female creatures swim around each other in circles


At the end of the dance, the male appears to bow to its partner; but actually, the male is banding to pump water from his pouch. Next, the female fish lays eggs into the male's pouch. About two hundred eggs are laid. The pouch then closes up. The female sea-horse now swims away, leaving the male sea-horse to do hatching. The eggs are hatched about a month later. The young sea-horses are ejected from the male creature's pouch by means of muscular contractions.


What makes sea-horse remarkable?

  1. Its size.

  2. Its reproduction process.

  3. Its shape.

  4. Its repiratory process.

  5. Its rapid movement.

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Berdasarkan kalimat “The most remarkable thing about the sea – horse is that part of the process of reproduction is taken over by the male creature” yang terdapat pada kalimat pertama di paragraf ke-3, dapat diketahui bahwa hal yang paling menakjubkan dari kuda laut adalah proses perkembangbiakan yang dilakukan oleh kuda laut jantan sehingga pilihan jawaban (B) adalah yang paling tepat.


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