Last year I joined the Chicago Marathon, my first marathon contest. I had to run 26,2 miles to complete it. It was hard

At first, I just wanted to get the experience of joining a marathon. I thought it would be one life time experience. After finishing it, I changed my mind. I wanted to join another one. I was interested to complete at least one more marathon and improve time. I also experience a good feeling between participating and the spectators that made me happy. It was a very wonderful thing for me. So I decided that I had to join another marathon the following year.


"..., I changed my mind." The underline word is closest in meaning to ...

  1. decision

  2. ambition

  3. thought

  4. suggestion

T. Tuawapat

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


Berdasarkan kalimat “I changed my mind”, dapat diketahui bahwa penulis berubah pikiran. Kata ‘mind’ dalam kalimat ini memiliki arti ‘pikiran’, maka kata yang memiliki arti yang mendekati dengan kata tersebut adalah (C) ‘thought’ atau ‘pikiran’. Pilihan jawaban (A) ‘decision’ atau ‘keputusan’, (B) ‘ambition’ atau ‘ambisi’, dan (D) ‘suggestion’ atau ‘saran’, bukanlah pilihan jawaban yang tepat.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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